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    Powers in your hands!


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    Powers in your hands!

    Post by bakhtiar_1988 on Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:54 pm

    Dear friends,

    Your mig33 experience is even better now with our new upgrades, enhancements and features! Groups and Chatrooms are now brought together by common moderation and ban lists. You now have extra control over your Groups and Group-linked Chatrooms! There’s also a whole new look and feel to Profiles, Chatrooms and Groups!

    What’s new?

    • Link your Chatrooms to your Groups and get access to many Chat commands to help manage your Groups and your linked Chatrooms!
    • Group moderators will automatically become Group-linked Chatroom moderators.
    • If you ban someone from your Group, he/she will be banned from your Group-linked Chatroom.
    • If you ban someone from your Group-linked Chatroom, he/she will be banned from your Group.
    • Upgrade of Group features like Forums, Polls, Photos and Member Management, making them easy to use!
    • Profiles, Chatrooms and Groups now have a new look and feel which allows you to be the first to know what your friends are doing in mig33 and get updates on their activities!

    Now, isn’t that exciting? Go download the J2ME v4.6 Client now to discover a brand new mig33!

    The mig33 team

    *J2ME v4.6 links to the external download page
    *Chat commands links to http://blog.mig33.com/group-commands/

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